Your wedding day should be nothing less than perfect and we will work with you to make that happen!

At ADES we have two main banquet facilities - the Grand Hall and the Historic Hall.  Each is unique in appearance and full of potential!  Click here to learn more about our halls.

In addition to the Grand Hall and Historic Hall, the Grand Bar may also be rented for small events.  There is also an open courtyard between our facilities where guests can step outside during the party for fresh air.

Grand Hall                                                {Photo Credit | My Sunset Events}

We are competitively priced and generous with our food, decorating and music policies.  As the host, we know that you want every detail of your party to be just right.  Unlike other venues that require you to use their on-site caterer or choose from a list of predetermined caterers, ADES let's you select your own caterer.  Design the perfect menu with the caterer of your choice!

At ADES our decorating policy allows you to bring your vision to life.  Use your unique color scheme or theme and create unique spaces for your guests to admire and enjoy.  Every idea and space, such as hors d'oeuvre stations, guest book or family photo tables, photo op areas and more, can be a reflection of your personality.

ADES also has a very generous music policy.  Most venues typically have early end times, at ADES you and your guests can dance the night away until 11:30pm.  Bring in your favorite DJ or live band without having to worry about ending the party just as the it was getting good!

Historic Hall

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